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VAG  TDi Tuning

We offer a full range of tuning packages for the VAG TDi range, the most common to modify is the popular 1.9 version. Below are some examples of tuning stages we can provide.

PD 100,115,130

Phase 1

ECU Re-map and Panel Filter, this is the most popular up-grade, this provides up to 45 bhp and 50-60 ft-lb increase. Power is smooth throughout the rev range with no torque spikes at low RPM.

Option Milltek Exhaust system. This gives improved throttle response and an extra 5-10 bhp.

 Phase 2

Front mounted intercooler system, Full Milltek exhaust system and phase 2 re-map. This provides a further 20-30 bhp and more consistent power due to decreased charge air temps.

Phase 3

As Phase 2, plus a hybrid Garrett  turbocharger and an Helix clutch and flywheel assemble. Plus our custom phase 3 ECU re-map.

This can provide up to 235 bhp and 340-360 ft-lb of torque!

(Enlarged Injectors required on PD100 and PD115 engines)

Standard PD130 compared to Hybrid unit

Phase 4

As Phase 3 , plus ERL water injection system, Larger hybrid Garrett turbocharger, high flow  injector assemble, modified inlet manifold and a custom re-map.

Phase 4 can provide upto 300 bhp and 400 ft-lb of torque!


Stages as above, but PD150's can retain there standard intercooler system, as they use a much larger front mounted unit as standard.


2 litre PD140

Phase 1

Re-map and panel filter, this provides 170-180 bhp and 290 ft-lb of torque.

Optional Milltek system available for most PD140 cars.

Phase 2

Phase 2 addresses the weakness' of the standard engine, the standard turbocharger is the limiting factor on the PD140 engine.

So this is replaced with a Turbo Dynamics hybrid unit. This has a much improved flow rate and stronger bearings. The turbo has many "Special" modifications to the variable geometry system and the impellor shaft and wheels, to provide superb throttle response. This is coupled with a free flow exhaust system, usually Milltek. To provide up to 225 bhp.






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Last modified: 10/02/09