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This is a new section to the website, and we will be sifting through the e-mails we have received over the years and will post some here, If any one wants the thoughts posting here you can e-mail them to us.

307 110 HDi re-map and Dump Valve

My Trip to The Derv Doctor :D



Well what can I say really, best time to go up I reckon it was spot on! Absolutely best day to pick for going somewhere you don't really know as it was red hot Cheesy. The Boys up Derv Doctor were a right laugh you get there they do your car have a laugh with ya and give ya car back to you superb!

If I could get anyone into having work carried out on their diesel or petrol it would have to go up to them without a doubt! they really know their stuff and to be honest now, id take me car to them rather than pug, their service is that high quality you would always go back, they have done a top quality job on 307 the dump valve is loud the chip is awesome too! Its just amazing how they do the work with a passion and the amount of pride they put into doing your car!

I'd Recommend The Derv Doctor To Anyone In The World No Matter Where They Lived As They Do A Top Quality Job, Time After Time After Time!

Big Thanks To Gav & Pete For Putting Up With Me Cheers Boys Wink And Me Car Is A Beast!



306 1.9 DT engine Swap

Highly recommended!!

About a month ago I posted a message about a well known problem with DHY type engines on the D turbo, I too had become a victim of this, which had resulted in a con-rod sticking through the front of my engine block (Totally foookt!)

after all the running around pricing things up I came across "THE DERV DOCTOR" he/they put in a very competitive price and the place aren't to far from me so I went down to have a look....

very impressed....
Peugeot 306's in the car park, in the garage and a full reception of people (happy people!)

So I booked mine in, went to pick it up - one of the lads took me out for a test drive and all was good! now I was eager to get back in and drive it myself! So paid the man and off I went....

well its taken me a week to post this, but because the car is amazing compared to the bag of nuts I had before, I can't stop driving it! it runs/sounds better, it pulls smoother, feels more torquey, the accelarator is more responsive its like its been tuned.

So finally I would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND the derv doctor to anyone who is thinking of having work done there! I certainly wouldn't hesitate in taking mine back for further work!

Many thanks to "THE DERV DOCTOR (Gavin)" and the lads he has working there!!!!! spoton.gif

A job well done thanks!

Mick L



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