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200/300 TDi Tuning

Stage 1

Re-set of turbocharger and fuel pump, this provides a 25-28 bhp and with greatly improved torque and improved driveability. The MPG of the car is not usually affected and in most cases its improved. As part of the upgrade we usually fit a ITG panel filter (at addition cost)

(TDi Automatic models require the ECU re-mapping, this costs 300 plus VAT)

140 Plus VAT

Stage 2*

Stage 2 involves a large front mounted intercooler and further modifications to the fuel system and turbocharger. The intercooler is 3 times larger than the original unit, this provides much improved torque and protects your engine due to decrease thermal loading. Great for Towing!

350 plus VAT for the intercooler plus additional cost for the tuning and fitting of the intercooler (typical cost is 250 plus VAT)

*Addition costs for cars with air conditioning fitted


Stage 3 200 TDi

Involves the above plus the addition of an up-rated turbocharger, the turbo has a 360 degree thrust bearing and larger compressor and turbine wheels along side a lightened turbine shaft to give improved "spooling" of the turbo. The turbo provides much improved flow rate as well as greatly improved boost handling.

Stage 3 300 TDi

Involves the above plus the addition of a variable geometry  turbocharger and new exhaust manifold, this provides a huge improvement in low RPM throttle response, a common complaint of 300 TDi owners. The turbo also has much better flow characteristics and boost handling.


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