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The Derv Doctor LTD supply and fit products which are designed specifically for the VAG 1.8 20v Turbo Engine. Whether you own a SEAT Ibiza Cupra or an Audi TT, these products have been designed to give outstanding performance and reliability for your 1.8 T powered vehicle.

We supply parts from the following manufactures for your 1.8T, we work closely with these manufactures to provide constant product development, and warranty back up.


Forge Motorsport diverter valves and up-rated intercoolers


ITG and K&N performance air filters


Milltek Sport down pipes and exhaust systems


Turbo Intake pipes and hose kits from Samco Sport


Cold Air Intake systems from ABD and K&N


Engine and suspension mounts from Vibratechnics and Power Flex


Quaife ATB differentials


ATP Exhaust Manifolds


Power Chip ECU re-maps


We provide a huge range of products and options for this popular engine, here are some examples below

>01 Drive by Wire 150/180 bhp version

Phase 1

Re-map and panel filter, We also recommend fitting an up-rated Forge Motorsport Diverter valve as part of the up-grade. This valve is much improved over the OE Bosch valve and carries a life time warranty.

This up-grade gives 205-215 bhp, with smooth power throughout the rev range.

Phase 2

Phase 2 address the major restriction in the factory fitted down pipe. Phase 2 comprises of a re-map, panel filter and a Milltek Down pipe and Sports CAT assemble and a Milltek CAT back system.

Phase 2 provides a much wider power band and improved throttle response due to the the large bore down pipe.

This conversion gives 220-235 bhp and much improved drivability due to the removal of the restricion in the exhaust gas flow from the turbocharger.

Phase 3

Phase 3 has the addition of a Forge front mounted intercooler and an ATP exhaust manifold.

The ATP replacement manifold is also built to flow much much better than the stock unit. Overall flow has been improved more than 50% and virtually ALL of the restrictions built into the stock unit has been removed in this replacement design, resulting in more HP and torque. The additional benefit of using this high flow, thicker wall, cast unit over the stock unit is the ability to improve breathing at the exhaust ports as well as providing the necessary exhaust volume to maintain high boost/high RPM operation. The free flowing design also helps keep the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) and subsequently engine temps down to allow more timing and less detonation.

Phase 3 is the maximum that can be obtained on the standard K03s turbocharger, around 250 bhp is seen from the conversion.

210/225 BHP Variant

Phase 1

The 210/225 BHP version of the 1.8 20v Turbo has a larger K04 turbo charger, twin down pipes and two side mounted  intercoolers, Phase 1 comprises of a Panel filter and Re-map. We also recommend fitting an up-rated Forge Motorsport Diverter valve as part of the up-grade. This valve is much improved over the OE Bosch valve and carries a life time warranty.

Phase 1 gives 255-265 bhp.

Big Turbo Conversions

We offer a full range of  Big Turbo conversions for the VAG 1.8 20v Turbo Engine to suit your power requirements and budget the main options are:

Option 1

This upgrade is designed as first stage turbo upgrade for all 150 and 180 bhp 1.8T's

This is a modified K04 Turbocharger which has been specially developed by Turbo Dynamics and The Derv Doctor LTD as an entry level "Bigger" Turbo conversion for the 150 or 180 BHP 1.8T.

The turbo is based on the reliable and potent K04 turbocharger but the internals have been extensively modified it to provide much superior power and driving characteristics.

Teamed up with a Power Chip re-map,ATP exhaust manifold,  Full Milltek exhaust system, Forge Motorsport FMIC, a set of up-rated injectors and a 3" MAF housing; Your 150/180bhp 1.8 20v Turbo will produce up to around 290 bhp.

Option 2

GT28RS Conversion.

This conversion includes:-


Corrillo "Pro-A" con rods,


JE Forged Pistons,


Total Seal Piston Rings,


Ferrea sodium filled valves,


High Flow exhaust manifold and GT28RS turbocharger.

Teamed up with a Power Chip re-map, Full exhaust system, Forge Motorsport FMIC, a set of up-rated injectors, a 3" MAF housing and an up-rated fuel pump.  Your 1.8 20v Turbo can produce up to 400 bhp with no problem.




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Last modified: 10/02/09